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Conveyor Netting

Conveyor Netting Systems are engineered to increase facility safety and are designed specifically to protect employees, products, and equipment without compromising operational efficiency. These systems utilize 1" mesh netting panels and wire rope, creating a "soft catch" solution that safeguards employees and products from falls.

  • Customized to fit your facility needs

  • Protects employees & visitors from injury or death due to falling objects

  • Reduces the risk of expensive fines and elevated insurance costs

  • Meets or exceeds OSHA & ANSI safety standards

  • Creates a "catch net" ensuring product integrity & food safety

  • Adaptable to fit your current conveyor system


  • Customized system to provide safety from falling objects

  • Knotless netting with sewn rope border or webbing & grommets ​

  • Mesh Size: 1", 2" or 2.5" square mesh

  • Heavy Duty Nets: 

    • 1,000 lb nets

  • Compliant with ANSI b.20.1 standard & OSHA 1926.555 (a)(5) requirements for conveyor safety

Eagle Material Handling-conveyor-netting-jobsite

Conveyor Safety Net Solutions

Custom to fit your facility conveyor system needs

Protects employees & visitors from injury or death due falling objects

Reduces the potential for product & food damage

Minimizes risk of expensive fines & elevated insurance costs

Meets or exceeds OSHA & ANSI safety requirements

Conveyor Netting Options

Ceiling Mounted

To maximize space in warehouses, companies install conveyor systems that are supported by the roof structure. Eagle MH provides conveyor netting systems that tie into the ceiling support structure using angle irons and threaded rods to provide complete side convergence and coverage underneath the conveyor to catch falling materials.

Floor Mounted

This system utilizes our extension brackets to increase the area for protective netting. The brackets will attach to the existing conveyor support posts. Netting can then be added below and to the sides of the conveyor. Custom netting sizes will be needed depending on the spacing of extension brackets.

Horizontal Mounted

Horizontal panels can be installed under the conveyor to protect from falling materials. System can be installed on its own or with other conveyor netting applications.

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